SZA Drops “Kill Bill” Music Video Featuring Vivica A. Fox – Vulture




The highly anticipated “Kill Bill” music video from SZA is so highly anticipated that it needed to tease its fans during its release. After being up for about ten minutes, the video was suddenly put on private, then rereleased shortly after for all to enjoy. SZA embodies her own version of Quentin Tarantino’s “The Bride,” seeking her own revenge. Directed by Christian Breslauer, she gets picked up by Vivica A. Fox, who played Vernita Green (code name: Copperhead) in the original film, as she prepares for her training. Through the power of anime, she learns the way of the blade. SZA has the final laugh as she pulls her ex’s bloody heart out. The outro teases a “Search and Destroy” music video coming soon — she’s naked and tied up, but is it pain or pleasure? In the meantime, his new girlfriend’s next.


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